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House of buried memories

Illustration by Julia Ogden (

In THE WILD IMPOSSIBILITY, Kira turns to her family's past as she tries to understand the bizarre dreams and visions she's having. The first place she looks for answers is the house she grew up in, which had been her grandmother Maddalena's home after World War II. In this scene, Kira has gone back to the house for the first time since her mother's death.

"The back door opened and the airless rooms sighed, then gathered breath. Kira hovered at the threshold. This place that held so many memories, where so much had been hidden, perhaps forever—now the house thrust hope at her, seemed to say Yes, yes, you are here where you should be. A path opened through her muddled thoughts, as labyrinthine as the house’s narrow hallways, but promising. Promising what? From the layers of fear and doubt that consumed her, a thought emerged: the dreams meant something. Maybe this place of memories had something to tell her. If there were answers—why the dreams, why she was having them, who the girl was, the protagonist of this story Kira didn’t understand—maybe she would find them here."


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